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The Trump card or the losing hand for America?

donald-trumpThe Donald is here and he is here for good. Now the americans have done it, let their tycoonist period commence. Will Trump be a shunt for the country and the world or will he simply end becoming the sort of incredible gaffeur he always has been, but well guarded by a cohort of egg heads who will write is speeches, commandeer his choices and, to put it bluntly, wiredriving him?
I’d think of a remote-controlled option if I were in the Congress which will also be in the firm hands of the Grand Old Party. We shall see whether D’s funny ideas about global trade, immigration and international relationships (especially with China and Russia) let alone gay people rights, weaponized neighbourhood (yes the National Rifle Association has thounsands of champagne bottles popping out right now), black and hispanic people, are real or simply a part of the character’s folklore, a mere act.
We do better hope that Trump will be only an useless President and not a reckless one and that the staff they will be putting around him will be able to contain his pinnacle of incontinent wishful thinking, especially when it comes to verbalizing issues.
In other words, I hope his rants to the press and the medias to be safely amended before they make the first pages or the web, because what we have seen and heard during this electoral year has been a plume, while the next four years will be an iron anvil.
Now I’m being deadly serious. Let’s consider this: there are several areas of crisis in the world which require the presidential attention right away.
How US will deliver on the Midwest situation, especially regarding Syrian penetration of Russian interests and geopolitical appetites? How will the NATO doctrine fare in the eastern Europe attrition line between the ex socialist countries and, again, the Russian sphere of interest? How will evolve the relationship between US and EU in light of the recent Brexit evolution and the increasing internal tensions between Italy and the german driven EU’s Commission?
The Chinese-sea area of attrition has to be well considered also, being it the most likely spot of grave geopolitical tensions in the very next future, given the Chinese military build up, the never ending Japanese fears of loosing influence in an area vital for international commerce and oil transportation. And there certainly is good old Comrade Kim Jong Un to be put in the ledger too, together with the rising fears of South Korea to loose the traditional US military umbrella.
Now Trump have to quickly start dealing with this agenda and with many more issues he raised during its campaign, some of which threat to deeply affect how the American civil society will evolve in the next future (somebody just said more police shooting and black people riots in the main cities? I did not, but I’d toss more than a nickel to this eventuality).
Now it’s Trump time, let’s hope it’s “Donald the Gaffeur” and not “Trump the Shunt all out show” we shall see in the next months.

Cosimo Benini


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